Please use the tabs below, and files at the bottom of the page, to get an insight into the curriculum covered by all year groups within the school.

We want the curriculum we teach the children at Huncote Primary to be creative and inspiring, stimulating a life-long love of learning; whilst preparing them academically, socially and emotionally as best we can for the challenges of modern life, now and in the future.
We noted that our pupils’ knowledge was limited in terms of where their position was in society as well as the world in which they live in. We designed a curriculum that we believed would widen their horizons, educate them about how past events have influenced the world in which we live in today and how we can influence the world of tomorrow, and link their learning together based around the world in which we live.

At Huncote Primary School children in Foundation Stage follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and children in KS1 and KS2 follow the National Curriculum. Our teachers bring the National Curriculum alive by making links between the individual subjects and applying them to topics. We base our curriculum topics around Countries and Places in the World and pose our children questions within each topic. Each term teachers produce a curriculum plan that shows the links between different curriculum subjects and how they can be linked by the overarching topic.  We call these our curriculum overviews. Year group planning teams work together on the same topics and there are plenty of opportunities to learn in and outside of the classroom. Some subjects have specific skills that need to be taught alongside topic work such as Music and Computing, but then are applied to the learning in the rest of the curriculum.
This information is shared with parents via termly or half-termly curriculum newsletters and knowledge organisers.  The teachers are developing knowledge organisers to include the topic questions, knowledge and facts, any key dates or important people the children need to try to remember from the topic. These will be used to revisit ideas and knowledge throughout the topic and throughout the year. Vocabulary in topics and also in our English work is a vital part as it can be transferred to learning at other points of a child’s education. This vocabulary is carefully considered for each topic and in English to ensure it is meaningful, transferable and ambitious. 
We have also underpinned the national curriculum with key values that come from our aims and the Route to Resilience work we have done that we feel are important. School promotes these values through the curriculum in the classroom and in assemblies as we try to unlock the potential of every child.

  • A love for learning
  • Aim high in all we do
  • Learn from mistakes and have the resilience to overcome difficulties
  • Grow respect for everyone and the world around us
  • Never give up, always persevere

We enjoy strong links with local schools (primary and secondary), community groups and local businesses. We also enjoy going on residential trips and school outings. Our adventures have included visits to The Cosby Victory Show, The Space Centre, The Warning Zone, a Hindu Temple, Tamworth Castle, Coventry Transport Museum, Leicester Botanical Gardens, Stonehurst farm, Twycross Zoo and Birdland. We also enrich the curriculum with visitors and special days; a Yorkshire Day, a Viking Visitor, a visit from a Scientist who works in Antarctica.
The Year 5 & 6 children visit Condover (JCA) near Shrewsbury for a week’s residential and the Year 2 children visit Beaumanor Hall for a 2 day residential. We are looking to expand our Year 3 & 4 visits with a residential as well.
Sporting events are a big part of our school and we have enjoyed many successes in the past year alongside performing our arts side of the curriculum in school productions, carol concerts and showing off our musical talents in singing and guitar playing.

In our school teachers work hard to develop a partnership with all parents to work together to support each child’s learning. We believe in letting parents and carers know what and how we are learning. We encourage two-way dialogue between school and home and support this through Parents’ Evenings, curriculum information evenings, ‘learning diaries’ such as Reading Records and open invitations to our assemblies. We also believe that homework can help reinforce what we learn at school. Homework like times tables, reading and spellings are kept to an appropriate level according to the child. Creative homework is part of our curriculum newsletters for parents and enhances our learning in the classroom whilst providing opportunities to involve parents in their child’s learning. It gives children a choice of homework to complete by giving often very open tasks so that they can become as involved as they want to in a way that they feel most comfortable.

  • Key knowledge and vocabulary will be committed to long term memory.
  • Our pupils will develop a sense of wonder about the world around them.
  • Our assessments will show outstanding progress across the curriculum.
  • Our pupils will develop a love of learning at Huncote.