At Huncote Primary School, we make Music an enjoyable learning experience for pupils and teachers. We encourage children to participate in a variety of musical experiences, developing a love of music and building up their confidence at the same time. Our teaching focuses on developing the children’s ability to sing in tune with others, play tuned and untuned musical instruments with increasing control and listen to and appraise a variety of music from different periods, genres, styles and traditions. As they move through the school, the children develop their understanding of pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, timbre and how music is structured. They use this knowledge to compose and perform their own music in small groups.  


Music teaching at Huncote Primary delivers the requirements of the National Curriculum through the use of the Charanga scheme of work, specifically designed for the teaching of Music in primary schools. Music lessons are broken down into half-termly units and provide the children with the opportunities to review, remember and deepen their understanding in this subject. Alongside this, a fortnightly singing assembly allows the children the opportunity to develop their singing skills and perform a variety of songs together. For those children that are passionate about singing, they are able to develop their love of music further through an extracurricular singing club, which performs at a variety of community events at different times in the year. Productions are also a key element of the music curriculum, with carol concert performances at the local church for key stage 2, nativity productions for EYFS and key stage 1 and end of term productions for Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. Children in Year 4 benefit from whole class specialist teaching, delivered by a member of Leicestershire Music Services and Year 5 & 6 have the opportunity to continue as a small group if they wish to do so. These lessons allow children the opportunity to learn the ukulele in Year 4 and the guitar in Year 5 & 6. Throughout the sessions the interrelated elements of music are developed alongside new skills, which build to a termly concert where parents and the rest of the school are invited to enjoy a performance.


At Huncote Primary school, all children will participate in quality music sessions across the year and the impact of this will be seen across the school with an increase in the profile of music. The Charanga Scheme of Work has clear sequences of lessons, lesson objectives and outlines, along with the resources needed to teach them; this will enable all members of staff (including non-specialists) to deliver well-planned quality lessons, with appropriate differentiation. Whole-school and parental engagement will be improved through performances and extracurricular activities and participation in music will develop the children’s wellbeing, promote listening and develop concentration.

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