We have a range of policies in place to ensure that children are provided with a safe, secure environment where they can reach their full potential.  We have attached some of the policies that may be of interest to you.

Should you have any particular queries about school policies then please call in and speak to a member of staff.  We would be happy to discuss any concerns or queries you may have about school policy.  

Requests for paper copies should be sent to the school office.

More company information about Embrace Multi Academy Trust is available at: www.embracemat.org

TitleDescriptionVersionSizeHitsDate addedDownload
Accessibility Plan 2021-2024 220.14 KB1211-09-2021 DownloadPreview
Admissions Policy 2020 (First Time Admissions for entry September 2021 onwards and mid-term transfers from August 2021) 471.69 KB12621-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Admissions Policy February 2021 for Entry Autumn Term 2022 (Affecting Mid-Term transfers from Autumn Term 2022 onwards) 294.03 KB7511-03-2021 DownloadPreview
Antibullying policy 2021-2024 315.08 KB6611-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Behaviour Policy 2018-21 420.25 KB7609-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Behaviour Policy Addendum during COVID-19 Measures 198.94 KB5521-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Catch-Up Funding (Huncote Recovery Plan) V4105.41 KB5811-03-2021 DownloadPreview
Catchment Area Map 743.89 KB7821-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Charging & Remissions Policy 2021-2024 148.18 KB3315-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Complaints Policy Sept 2021-23 333.71 KB2728-08-2021 DownloadPreview
Data Protection Policy 2021-2022 247.74 KB2910-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Data Retention Policy 2021-2023 558.60 KB3015-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Debt-Policy 2020-2023 55.71 KB2510-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Equal Opportunities Policy 2020-2021 159.00 KB2710-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Equality Information & Objectives Jan 20214.82 KB5421-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Exclusion policy 2021-2022 211.42 KB2115-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Feedback Policy Sept 2018- Sept 2021 368.40 KB3310-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Financial Report 2015 283.03 KB4321-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Financial Report 2016 738.11 KB4721-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Financial Report 2017 346.74 KB3121-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Financial Report 2018 344.53 KB3521-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Financial Report 2019 559.60 KB4521-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Financial Value for Money statement 2019 72.42 KB2210-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - COVID-19-Track-and-Trace-Privacy-Notice 182.29 KB2110-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Data Protection Policy 2021-2022 247.74 KB2410-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Privacy-Notice-FSM-Voucher-Scheme 219.07 KB2110-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Privacy Notice - General 200.93 KB2210-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Privacy Notice - Pupil 227.73 KB2210-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Privacy Notice - School Workforce 173.56 KB1710-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Subject Access Request - Process and Protocol 63.13 KB2015-05-2021 DownloadPreview
GDPR - Subject Access Request Form 192.46 KB1815-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Health Safety Policy 2020-2021 347.20 KB1915-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Hiring - Scale of charges 2021 392.01 KB2010-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Hiring - Terms and Conditions of Hire 2021 274.20 KB2710-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Hiring Policy 2021 - 2024 410.12 KB2410-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Medication Policy Management Procedures 2020-2021 319.38 KB2615-05-2021 DownloadPreview
PE-and-Sport-Premium-July-2021-Huncote 1 616.20 KB1111-09-2021 DownloadPreview
PSHE (including RSE) Policy 365.56 KB911-09-2021 DownloadPreview
Public Liability Insurance Information 189.12 KB3921-10-2020 DownloadPreview
Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-2021 195.85 KB813-09-2021 DownloadPreview
Remote Learning Policy October 2020 160.77 KB4701-12-2020 DownloadPreview
SEND policy 2021-2022 348.04 KB1111-09-2021 DownloadPreview
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021-2022 - Sept 2021 Version 477.85 KB404-09-2021 DownloadPreview
Social Media Code of Conduct for Parents & Carers and the Wider Community 783.42 KB2109-05-2021 DownloadPreview
Whistleblowing Policy Sept 2019-21 (1) 325.09 KB811-09-2021 DownloadPreview

Operation Encompass

Brockington College is an Operation Encompass school.  Operation Encompass ensures that there is a simple telephone call or notification to a school’s trained Designated Safeguarding Lead prior to the start of the next school day after an incident of police attended domestic abuse where there are children related to either of the adult parties involved.

Operation Encompass is a police and education early information safeguarding partnership enabling schools to offer immediate support to children experiencing domestic abuse.