Our school motto and ethos is ‘Learning for Life – Aiming high in all we do‘.

In the vision we have for our school we aim to:  

  • Provide a vibrant, stimulating and caring environment;
  • Encourage our children to thrive academically, socially and emotionally;
  • Engage our children in a creative, inspiring and inclusive curriculum;
  • Motivate and inspire our children for a life-long love of learning;
  • Work together within our school community to prepare our children for the challenges of modern life;
  • Provide and promote a safe philosophy for the whole school community.

These aims are realised through effective working partnerships between staff, pupils, parents, governors, other schools, the trust, the local authority and the wider community. They are present through all school life and practice.

We have also underpinned our curriculum with key learning dispositions that come from our aims and the Route to Resilience work. School promotes these values through the curriculum in the classroom and in assemblies as we try to unlock the potential of every child:

  • A love for learning – curiosity and creativity
  • Aim high in all we do – ambition and confidence
  • Learn from mistakes and have the resilience to overcome difficulties
  • Grow respect for everyone and the world around us
  • Never give up, always persevere